High quality online education for all students.

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We offer a high quality education that is affordable & accessible to all students. All our courses are align to the National and State Standards and TELPAS creating over 14,720 skills for our ESL students.

Supplemental Materials

We have everything that the teacher will need in the classroom.
Our programs are based on the Accelerated Learning Methodology and Brain based research about how we learn and retain information.

Online Courses

High quality online education for all students.

Students can begin classes the same day they enroll. The technology behind AC Language School creates connections between learners and educators, improving lives and shaping futures.

AC Language School connects, extends, and expands the learning experience with interactive content and tools that meet learners where they are.

Special Education

Give your students the best education you can. We can support you in every way, with multiple levels of support built into every product, including videos, 24/7 support, online courses, books, workbooks, and more. We offer high quality education that is affordable and accesible to all. Our courses propels learning at your student’s perfect pace. We integrated National, state, and local standard with proven resources built on the best education research from a trusted company.

Visually Impaired

Online Programs

Continuing Education

AC Language School, based in the United States of America, serves students throughout the Americas, Europe, Africa, and Asia. International students with certifications from AC Language School are highly sought-after by employers. A certification from AC Language School will give you the qualifications you need to be internationally successful after graduation.


We provide full access to the library’s catalog of titles and all the functions of the service including discovery, checking out, returning, renewing, downloading, reading, and listening to downloadable e-books, e-audiobooks, periodicals, and other digital content. We can guarantee you technical support 24/7.

Curriculum and software development

We develop online courses based on the needs of our students in all fields. Our platform uses analytics and student achievement tracking to create an adaptive and personalized learning experience for each participant.