CDMP – Certified Digital Marketing Professional


Course Title: Certified Digital Marketing Professional

Proficiency Level: Intermediate

Prerequisite Requirements: Prior knowledge of marketing or experience working in marketing-related roles.

Course Description:

The course is designed to help learners develop practical skills required for an Intermediate Certified Digital Marketing Professional in a modern business environment. The course follows industry-wide standards and best practices, and all objectives are measurable for the successful digital marketing of a business.

Course Structure:

Unit 1: Introduction to Digital Marketing

Unit 2: Understanding Your Audience

Unit 3: Developing Brand Strategies

Unit 4: Creating Content that Resonates

Unit 5: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Unit 6: Paid Advertising

Unit 7: Analytics and Metrics

Unit 8: Social Media Marketing

Unit 9: Email Marketing

Unit 10: Capstone Project

Course Objectives:

  • Understanding of basic digital marketing concepts.
  • Identify and understand the target audience, buying behaviors, and how to create customer personas.
  • Strategies to develop or improve brand image and increase brand awareness that aligns with targeted audience preferences.
  • Creation of content for digital marketing campaigns, including ad copy, headlines, and visuals.
  • Knowledge and skills to improve SEO for a website or blog.
  • Ability to create, run and optimize paid advertising campaigns on various platforms like Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, and Instagram Ads.
  • Introduction to analytics metrics and the tools to interpret and analyze digital information
  • Understand the importance of social media and implement a social media marketing strategy
  • Create effective email marketing campaigns that build brand loyalty, generate leads, and increase conversion rates.
  • Develop a comprehensive and real-world-like digital marketing plan for a business.
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