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Children’s Literature

Course Description:

This online course provides an introduction to the world of children’s literature, including an overview of key authors, genres, and movements. It covers main concepts, such as reading development, formative assessment, and global diversity in storytelling. You will learn about different techniques used in evaluating books for content and quality as well as how to apply a deeper understanding of children’s literature conventions to areas such as reading aloud and facilitating book discussions. You will also gain an understanding of how narratives can be used to support instruction in various subject areas.

Through interactive lectures, readings, discussions, videos, and assignments you will develop your knowledge of children’s literature while learning practical skills such as selecting appropriate texts, evaluating books based on criteria set by Common Core standards, discussing author’s craft with students, leading meaningful conversations around a text and comparing different cultural interpretations. This course is ideal for those who are new to teaching children’s literature or are interested in pursuing a path involving more advanced topics in the subject.

Course Objectives:

  • Define key terms related to children’s literature
  • Analyze differences between written texts
  • Assess books based on Common Core Standards
  • Compare author’s craft from different genres
  • Select appropriate texts
  • Develop strategies for reading aloud
  • Foster meaningful discussions around a text
  • Utilize storytelling to support instruction
  • Examine the influence of culture on storytelling
  • Apply elements of narrative structure
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