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Classroom Management in Elementary Grades

Course Objectives:

The objectives of this course are designed to help you understand how to foster a positive learning environment and manage your classroom with clarity and confidence. Through this course, you’ll be able to create and implement a well-rounded classroom management plan that is both effective and empowering.

Learning Objectives:

  • Develop strategies to establish a safe and orderly learning environment
  • Understand the need for positive reinforcement and consequences
  • Utilizing classroom management techniques to facilitate student learning
  • Identifying effective communication procedures between teachers and parents
  • Create an effective classroom management plan for your elementary students that will sustain itself throughout the school year
  • Gain a better understanding of how to maintain a positive classroom environment
  • Deal with difficult situations as they arise
  • Understand how to foster a positive learning environment and manage your classroom with clarity and confidence
  • Organizing and managing materials
  • Setting expectations for student behavior
  • Developing procedures to support positive reinforcement
  • Using incentives to motivate students
  • Utilizing appropriate discipline techniques in response to misbehavior
  • Understand how cultural and language differences can impact classroom management decisions
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