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Classroom Management Middle and High School

Course Description:

This course on Classroom Management in Middle School and High School will equip teachers and educators with the skills they need to develop a successful classroom environment. Through lectures, individual projects, discussions, and short assignments, participants will learn how to effectively manage student behavior and use positive reinforcement techniques. They will also gain an understanding of strategies for addressing bullying, motivating students to study, fostering collaboration among classmates, as well as promoting critical thinking skills in the classroom. Participants will also have opportunities to practice applying these concepts with hands-on activities such as role-play scenarios or small group projects.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify various strategies for managing student behavior focused on positive reinforcement rather than punishment
  • Develop methods for encouraging collaboration amongst students in the classroom setting
  • Learn how to set expectations for efficient learning without sacrificing fun or creativity within the environment
  • Explore ways of intervening when conflicts arise between students
  • Gain confidence navigating challenging conversations about topics like bullying or cheating
  • Discern best practices for assessing student performance through formative assessments
  • Review strategies for promoting critical thinking within the classroom
  • Reflect on their own experiences as teachers or educators to inform and improve their practice
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