CPIM – Certified in Production and Inventory Management


Course Title: Certified in Production and Inventory Management

Course Length: 10 Units

Proficiency Level: Intermediate

Prerequisite Requirements: None

Course Description:

The course is designed to help learners develop practical skills required for an Intermediate Certified in Production and Inventory Management in a modern business environment. The course focuses on industry-wide standards and best practices. All objectives are measurable, and learners are equipped with the knowledge and skills needed for a successful career in production and inventory management.

Course Structure:

Unit 1: Introduction to Production and Inventory Management

Unit 2: Demand Management

Unit 3: Master Production Scheduling

Unit 4: Material Requirements Planning

Unit 5: Capacity Planning

Unit 6: Production Activity Control

Unit 7: Inventory Fundamentals

Unit 8: Inventory Systems and Models

Unit 9: Lean Production and Inventory Management

Unit 10: Capstone Project

Course Objectives:

  • Understand the basic concepts of production and inventory management.
  • Learn how to manage customer demand and forecast future sales.
  • Understand the concepts of master production scheduling and its role in production planning.
  • Learn how to use material requirements planning (MRP) to optimize inventory levels.
  • Develop capacity planning skills to ensure efficient use of resources and maximize productivity.
  • Learn how to use production activity control (PAC) techniques to manage production schedules and ensure on-time delivery.
  • Understand inventory fundamentals, including inventory costs, service levels, and order quantities.
  • Develop knowledge in inventory systems and models, including economic order quantity (EOQ), safety stock, and reorder point.
  • Develop skills in lean production and inventory management, including process improvement, waste reduction, and continuous improvement.
  • Apply the knowledge and skills gained in the course to a capstone project that simulates real-world production and inventory management scenarios.
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