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Educational Policy Development

Course Description:  

 This course provides an introduction to the field of educational policy development with special emphasis on theoretical and conceptual analyses of the behavior and attitudes of education’s stakeholders and the policy performance of educational systems. 

Learning Objectives: 

  • Have become more familiar with perspectives on policy and governance, more knowledgeable about the evolution of the policies of higher education, and aware of major conflicting social values that form the basis of the policies of American higher education
  • Be able to use alternative conceptual frameworks and theories, i.e., political culture, interest groups, conflict, power and educational reform/change in explaining political behavior in higher educational settings 
  • Know who the key actors and agencies are and what they do to translate demands and resources into policies and decisions affecting American higher education
  • Understand the process by which policies, decisions and actions are made in higher education institutions 
  • Be able to evaluate policy issues
  • Apply what has been learned to work settings and institutional environments
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