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Course Description: 

This course provides an understanding of how values shape individual ethical behaviors, and how these behaviors influence leadership and decision-making. It will provide practical knowledge and tools needed to effectively manage the everyday ethical conduct of employees. The course also discusses how legal, philosophical, and corporate practices influence ethical behavior for individuals and companies. Students examine how social, environmental, and stakeholder responsibilities, as well as different values impact ethical behavior in companies. 

Course Objectives: 

  • Develop a usable framework for accurately identifying, considering, and acting in situations of ethical importance 
  • Understand why an individual’s basic beliefs about life necessarily drive one’s view of ethics 
  • Know the roles that culture and society play in determining ethical standards 
  • Understand the primary approaches to ethics, including self-interest, altruism, social contracts, virtue ethics, and natural law 
  • Practice applying ethical frameworks to classic and contemporary business issues 
  • Understand  the debate about who should control businesses, including the purpose of business and the role of stakeholders 
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