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Ethics and Educational Policy

Course Description:

This course provides an overview of the ethical framework that guides educational policy decisions. Students will learn how to analyze relevant moral issues and apply ethical principles in order to make well-reasoned decisions about educational policies, programs, and practices. Through lectures, readings, discussions, and simulations, students will gain a greater understanding of how ethics plays a role in shaping education systems.

Course Objectives:

  • Analyze the various ethical perspectives related to educational policy decisions
  • Understand the different ways that ethical principles shape educational policies
  • Examine the relationship between professional and public responsibility for schooling
  • Explore the implications of rights-based approaches for education policies
  • Evaluate current research on morality and education decision making
  • Learn how to use ethical reasoning when developing new ideas for educational policies
  • Discover potential solutions for dealing with conflicts between individual rights and social needs in education contexts
  • Examine case studies illustrating the impact of ethical considerations on educational policy decisions
  • Analyze potential strategies for promoting social justice through educational policy initiatives
  • Develop skills for leading collaborative discussions about controversial topics related to ethics in education
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