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Ethics in Education

Course Description: 

This course explores legal and ethical issues that arise in elementary and secondary schools. It helps school leaders think through questions of educational policy and ethics that legal disputes raise but don’t resolve. Topics include liability for student injury, due process, search and seizure, staff appraisal, employment discrimination, church/state conflicts, control over the curriculum, the expression of controversial views, legal and ethical issues related to the financing and adequacy of state school finance plans, and the schools’ authority to make rules governing student and teacher conduct. The course also reviews ethical issues related to equal opportunity, including school desegregation, bilingual education, sexual discrimination and harassment, privacy issues, affirmative action, and the education of exceptional children.

This online course covers key concepts, such as ethical decision-making, codes of conduct, ethical reasoning, and accountability. You will learn about different techniques used in determining the best courses of action based on ethical considerations as well as how to apply a deeper understanding of moral principles and values to areas such as resolving disputes and creating effective policies. You will also gain an understanding of how power dynamics in educational institutions can impact behavior and decision-making.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the difference between ethics and the law
  • Think through questions of educational policy and ethics that legal disputes arise
  • Explore issues in contemporary educational issues
  • Define key terms related to ethics in education
  • Examine moral principles & values
  • Identify biases when making decisions
  • Balance autonomy & obligation
  • Develop strategies for managing complex dilemmas
  • Analyze conflicting perspectives
  • Lead meaningful conversations
  • Utilize effective communication techniques
  • Examine the power dynamics of educational institutions
  • Apply ethical principles from multiple disciplines
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