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Food Science and Technology Course Syllabus

Course Description:

This Food Science and Technology Course Syllabus is an online course that provides participants with in-depth knowledge of food science principles and the tools necessary to apply them to their everyday work. Through interactive activities, real-life applications, case studies, videos, and other learning materials, this course will equip participants with a solid foundation for creating successful technological solutions for the food industry.

Course Objectives:

1. Understand basic chemical and physical phenomena related to foods such as solubility, heat transfer mechanisms, pH relationships, etc.

2. Identify key properties of additives used in foods such as preservatives, flavorings, and colorants along with their functionalities when added into recipes or formulations.

3. Explore how to grow new products from existing ingredients through novel combinations of texture/flavor modifiers using advanced technologies like nanoencapsulation techniques or emulsification processes.

4. Learn about important introduction to nutrition concepts related to macronutrients (fats/lipids; carbohydrates; proteins) along with vitamins/minerals which are essential components of all diets associated with health benefits on the human body as a consequence of their intake throughout meals formulation process.

5. Understand the fundamentals of food safety and related regulations for process development in order to provide safe foods.

6. Gain insights into how to develop and design cutting-edge technologies that could be used within the food industry to create innovative products, from conception through commercialization.

7. Learn about emerging markets and trends in the food industry such as plant-based foods, alternative proteins, and local sourcing.

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