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Game Programming II

Course Description:

This course will build on the concepts of game programming introduced in Game Programming I. Topics covered include 3D graphics programming, audio design, physics simulations, and multi-player networking. Participants will deepen their programming knowledge, bolster their technical implementation capabilities and create custom game engines.

Course Objectives:

  • Understand the fundamentals of 3D graphics programming
  • Leverage scripting languages to automate tedious tasks
  • Experiment with advanced game engine techniques
  • Incorporate audio tools into existing projects
  • Develop realistic physics simulations for immersive environments
  • Implement robust user interfaces for seamlessly engaging games
  • Design algorithms for reliable variables synchronization
  • Construct custom game engines using modern technologies
  • Create a portfolio of games optimized for multiple platforms
  • Troubleshoot existing codebase for potential performance enhancements
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