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This GED Exam Preparation is a complete, comprehensive course that provides the student with a strong foundation of knowledge in literacy, mathematics, social studies, and science, the four core areas tested by the GED Exam. This GED Exam Preparation is designed to help prepare students pass the updated GED Exam. All four core areas are covered in this one course.

This course is also used to prepare for the HISET and TASC.

Learning Objectives: Students will:

  • Master the meaning of core concepts and terminology.
  • Demonstrate a comprehension of a range of subject facts, philosophies, and implementations.
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Methodology:  The course is designed to help students master the four core areas of the GED Exam, using a multiple learning style approach.

Recommended Reading:

GED Study Guide 2023-2024 All Subjects: GED Test Prep with 800+ Practice Exam Questions

by Jonathan Cox

Required Viewing:


Social Studies

Language Arts


Assessment: The assessment of this initial course is based on recall. Students will take three objectively answered quizzes. An average score of 75% is required to pass this course.


Week 1 – Read course materials and review training videos.

Week 2 – Take Exam I

Re-read course materials and review training videos as needed.

Week 3 – Take Exam II

Week 4 – Take III

Week 5 – Take Exam IV

Week 6 – Take Exam V