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History of Mankind

Course Description:

This online course will provide an overview of the history of mankind, from the emergence of the genus Homo in Africa to the modern day. Participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of human history, including its major events and developments.

Course Objectives:

  • Understand the timeline of human evolution and development
  • Identify key milestones in human history
  • Analyze how advances in technology have impacted humanity over time
  • Recognize the impact of different civilizations on world history
  • Examine how humans have adapted to changing environments throughout history
  • Discuss the role of religion and philosophy in shaping human culture and society
  • Analyze how scientific discoveries have shaped our understanding of humanity
  • Explore how different cultures have interacted with each other throughout history
  • Evaluate the impact of colonialism on world history
  • Analyze current trends in global affairs and their implications for humanity’s future
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