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Description: Students will learn how to research for funding opportunities; analyze the Notice (RFP) to identify all the requirements and limitations to be able to make the best opportunity selection; how to write the different section of the Application Narrative; how to prepare and present a grant budget; how to properly complete a government grant application form, how to include attachments; and how to submit grant applications.

Benefit of Certification: Organizations all over the world are seeking competitive grant funding. They all need a Certified International Grant Writer who knows what they are doing to get them to the top of the competitive pile.

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Learning Objectives: Students will learn

  • how to research for funding opportunities
  • how to read the instructions to determine eligibility, funding priorities, restrictions, etc.
  • how to complete an entire international grant application narrative
  • how to design and complete a grant budget.
  • how to package and present the grant application

Assessment: The completion and submission of one international grant.