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Introduction to Teaching 

Course Description:   

This course will provide future teachers with a deeper understanding of and better preparation for the teaching profession by weaving in three themes central to teaching today—professionalism, diversity, and reform. Two central questions frame the text: “Do I want to be a teacher?” and “What kind of teacher do I want to become?”. Classroom-based cases and interactive features will help you reflect on your responses to topics such as the implications of increasingly diverse classrooms, and the assessment and standards-driven educational climate. 

Learning Objectives:  

  • Identify and understand differences and commonalities within diverse cultures 
  • Develop an overview of  school systems at the early childhood, elementary, middle, and high school levels n different cultures 
  • Strengthen decision-making skills within a context of complex situations where there may not be a match between theory and practice 
  • Enhance professional performance by critically examining values, beliefs, and strategies that facilitate the learning of all students 
  • Examine personal motivation for choosing education as a major 
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