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Leading Change in Educational Organizations 

Course Description:  

This course is designed to analyze the fundamental behavioral concepts and process of organizations. The complex process of organizational change and how it can be managed through a collection of techniques. Issues such as forces related to creating the need for organizational change in human resource and educational organizations will be examined. 

Learning Objectives:  

  • Explain the change process as an integral part of the organization and administration of a school system 
  • Describe the knowledge, skills, and attributes necessary to function as a successful change agent in an educational institution 
  • Identify the various cultural, social, political, legal, and ethical issues that impact the change process in education
  • Analyze the dynamics of the various roles played by the relevant publics in affecting change within educational organizations 
  • Explain the roles strategic design and strategic planning play in the change process
  • Identify and apply those leadership skills necessary for planning, implementing, and leading future-focused change efforts in educational organizations
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