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Classroom Management  in Preschool

This course focuses on the concept of classroom management for preschool classrooms. It examines how to design and maintain a safe, organized and engaging learning environment that is conducive to student achievement. The objectives of this course include teaching students how to develop positive relationships with students, create an effective learning environment using visual aids, use appropriate behavior modification strategies and foster an atmosphere of cooperative learning. Further topics will include developing age-appropriate activities, responding respectfully to challenging behaviors, promoting self-esteem in young children and managing transitions between activities. Through this comprehensive course on innovative methods for classroom management in preschool grades, teachers will have the knowledge they need to create a successful academic experience within their classrooms.

Learning Objectives:

  • Develop effective strategies for creating a safe and supportive learning environment in their preschool classrooms
  • Utilize age-appropriate activities to engage students and promote learning
  • Recognize and respond appropriately to challenging behaviors
  • Foster self-esteem among young learners
  • Manage transitions between activities in the classroom
  • Integrate visual aids into their lesson plans to engage students and encourage learning
  • Implement behavior modification strategies to teach positive behaviors
  • Create an atmosphere of cooperation and collaboration within the classroom

By mastering these fundamental concepts, preschool teachers will be equipped to design and maintain an effective learning environment for their students.
This course will incorporate a variety of instructional methods, including lectures, discussions, activities, video clips and assessments. Participants will have the opportunity to share their experiences and learn from one another through small-group activities and interactive lessons. Additionally, participants will be provided with resources they can use in the future to continue their professional development.


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