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Description: In this course, you will learn the fundamentals of basic Office Word processing. Whether you use Word for work, study, or leisure, this course will help you transform a blank page into a professional-looking document! While these programs are available on mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones, the exercises are designed to be completed on a desktop or laptop computer.

Learning Objectives: Students will:

  • Navigate efficiently basic WORD functions
  • Create, save, and share documents
  • Implement techniques for proofreading, editing, and updating documents
  • Apply pre-designed Styles and format text with fonts and colors
  • Change the font, typeface, document, and paragraph formats
  • Create a formatted, proofed, and printed Word document
  • Create, delete, duplicate, and rearrange slides
  • Create images, illustrations, shapes, and hyperlinks in a worksheet
  • Work with bullets, indents, and line spacing
  • Insert pictures and screenshots
  • Set up page layout for margins, columns, and printing
  • Create and update an automated Table of Contents
  • Mail merge to envelopes, labels, emails, and form letters

Methodology:  The course is designed to engage students at a basic level in mastering the understanding of Office Word concepts and formulas, through analytical and synthesis learning.

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