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Middle Ages Culture

Course Description:

This online course provides an in-depth look at the culture of Medieval Europe, from the fall of Rome to the emergence of Europe. Participants will learn about the political and social structures of the time period, as well as the art, literature, and architecture that defined it. Through lectures and readings, participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of this fascinating era in history.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the political and social structures of Medieval Europe
  • Analyze the impact of Christianity on Medieval European culture
  • Examine the literature, art, and architecture of Medieval Europe
  • Learn about daily life during this period in history
  • Explore how different cultures interacted with each other during this time period
  • Investigate how trade impacted Medieval European culture
  • Analyze how warfare shaped Medieval European culture
  • Understand how feudalism worked in Medieval Europe
  • Examine how technology changed over time during this period
  • Analyze how religion influenced politics during this period
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