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Movement to Teach

Course Description:

This online course is an exploration into the field of teaching and how one can pursue a career in this area. The topics range from teaching methodology, educational technology, and learning theory to evaluation criteria, professional development, and career opportunities. During the course, you will be equipped with the skills necessary to improve your teaching practice and explore new opportunities in the profession. Through interactive lectures, discussions, case studies, and assignments you will develop innovative pedagogical approaches that can be applied in any classroom context.

Course Objectives:

  • Understand teaching methodology & evaluate its impact on learning
  • Examine various educational technologies for instruction & engagement
  • Analyze learning theories as they relate to instruction design & delivery
  • Develop methods for evaluating student performance
  • Explore professional development options in teaching
  • Recognize characteristics of effective classrooms
  • Utilize strategies for working with different types of learners
  • Investigate strategies for creating instructional objectives & assessments
  • Discuss emerging trends in the field of education including online tools & distance learning frameworks
  • Investigate current job opportunities in education & create a career path
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