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Course Description:  

This course will study the wide range of responsibilities of the principal as both manager and educational leader. Topics include establishing a common vision and purpose with stakeholders, working collaboratively to achieve common goals, developing a learner centered school culture, planning for the improvement of instruction, school finance management, supervising employees, providing a safe school environment, promoting student health and welfare, and initiating, managing, and evaluating change. 

Learning Objectives: 

  • Apply appropriate organization theory to specific issues in the principalship 
  • Demonstrate problem analysis skills 
  • Demonstrate verbal and written communication skills
  • Demonstrate sensitivity to needs of others in problem–solving situations 
  • Demonstrate understanding of importance of positive relationships with other personnel in the school setting, e.g. central office, board of education, assistant principals, teachers and support staff 
  • Articulate the role of the principal in improving teaching and learning 
  • Articulate a basis for operation for the principal 
  • Describe school–centered and society–related problems and issues 
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