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Description: This course provides an introduction to the business of primary energy production.  The course will examine the nature of demand and supply in global energy markets, and business considerations for participants in those markets.  Students taking this course will be able to identify the distinctive challenges facing enterprises engaged in the development of primary energy resources.  The course is intended to provide a broad perspective of the challenges for businesses and policy authorities engaged in diverse but integrated global energy markets. 

Learning Objectives: students will be able to: 

  • describe the complex nature of global energy policy agendas 
  • compare and contrast various global energy policies in the context of shifting agendas and politics 
  • discuss global energy challenges from four distinct perspectives: security; public policy; sustainability; and development 
  • interpret and judge competing policy approaches towards global energy challenges 
  • identify and differentiate the role and multifaceted nature of existing actors in global energy governance 
  • evaluate the existing spectrum of institutional arrangements that aim to govern global energy 
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