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Standards of Charitable Accountability Course Syllabus

Course Description:

This course will provide an overview of the standards for charitable accountability and how they are used to ensure that charities operate in a responsible and transparent manner. It will cover topics such as the BBB Standards for Charity Accountability, the Accountability Standards, and Charity Navigator’s rating system. Participants will gain an understanding of how these standards can be used to evaluate charities and make informed decisions when donating.

Course Objectives:

  • Understand the importance of charity accountability standards
  • Learn about the BBB Standards for Charity Accountability
  • Identify key components of the Accountability Standards
  • Evaluate a charity using Charity Navigator’s rating system
  • Analyze financial statements to assess fiscal responsibility
  • Develop strategies to ensure transparency in charity operations
  • Discuss best practices for board governance in charities
  • Examine ethical considerations related to paid staff members and their relatives in governing bodies
  • Assess results reporting systems used by charities
  • Implement measures to promote public trust in charitable organizations
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