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Course Description:   

This course provides both the theoretical constructs and the practical applications involved in the responsibilities exclusive to district-level administrative leadership. These include the macro-level applications of budgeting, staff development, community and external stakeholder relations, and advocacy. This course will also guide students in developing the initial components of a district-wide action research project focused on central office functions. 

Learning Objectives:  

  • Explain the roles and functions of the school district superintendent and other senior administrators in the operation of a PreK–12 school district 
  • Analyze the organizational structure of a PreK–12 school district and its relationship with federal and state rules and regulations  
  • Critique current models of school district governance (i.e., school board structure and executive leadership) in operating schools with a view to maximizing student learning and conducting school business efficiently 
  • Assess the leadership requirements of the role of superintendent and senior administrator and their responsibilities and qualifications  
  • Differentiate the various responsibilities and approaches used by senior staff to manage finances, human resources, facilities, technology, and other support services in a typical PreK–12 school district 
  • Develop effective approaches or solutions to issues and challenges that are likely to face the executive leadership of a school district   
  • Compose a personal philosophy of leadership that supports the student’s interest in serving as a superintendent or other senior school district administrator
  • Explain the professional responsibilities of current administrators serving in key district leadership positions to maximize student learning and professional growth 
  • Evaluate a current issue or problem in a school district in a manner that reflects the student’s  ability to apply the knowledge and skills learned in this course 
  • Develop district and personal strategies to promote student achievement that are fair, have integrity, and are ethical 
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