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Course Description:

Reading is an essential skill that can be used to improve knowledge, develop understanding, and create a more informed and literate population. Our online Reading Course will provide students with an introduction to different reading strategies, from recognizing keywords in texts to understanding the structure of narrative fiction.

Course Objectives:

  • Learn about various types of texts and reading materials, including fiction, non-fiction, and poetry
  • Understand how to read efficiently and effectively by recognizing and using keywords in the text
  • Develop strategies for comprehending longer passages or works quickly and accurately
  • Identify character development within stories or passages of text, as well as themes presented by the author or narrator
  • Analyze cause-and-effect relationships between events described within a work of literature or another type of text
  • Examine how symbols are used in certain types of text to represent ideas or emotions without being explicitly stated by the author/narrator
  • Apply their understanding of language conventions when interpreting meaning from various forms of print material such as newspapers, magazines
  • Develop techniques for critically analyzing written work in order to gain deeper insight into its meaning or purpose from the author’s point-of-view
  • Learn about various genres and styles of writing such as historical fiction/nonfiction, romanticism, and realism
  • Analyze how individual works contribute to larger social movements like feminism or multiculturalism
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