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Description:   This course will provide a comprehensive overview of technology and its application to education today. Students will learn to use technology, telecommunications, and information systems to enrich curriculum and instruction (e.g., CAI systems, CD ROM retrieval systems, online networks, distance learning, interactive video, etc.). Current technologies for school management, information retrieval, and staff development will be explored. Students will become critical consumers of technology and will utilize actual school and district data to develop and monitor long range plans, thus discovering the impact of technologies on student outcomes and school operations. Students will also examine social and ethical issues surrounding the use of technology within the educational arena. 

Prerequisite: Graduate Program in Education 

Learning Objectives: Students will 

  • Determine where technology can improve student learning 
  • Determine where technology resources exist to support learning objectives 
  • Explore technology integration and rubric sites on the web 
  • Learn to use the Internet to collect resources that you might use in the development of a Curriculum-Technology project. 
  • Create a form template for the development of your Unit/Lesson plan. 
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