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Architectural Design Course Syllabus

Course Description:

This online course introduces the fundamentals of Architectural Design and provides practical insight into real-life applications. Through this course, participants will gain a technological understanding of building designs through illustrative components and visuals. Participants will also develop a deeper knowledge of how to apply these practices in their everyday work, from the conceptualization stage to realization.

Course Objectives:

1.      Understand the core principles and elements of Architectural Design

2.      Apply basic design concepts for different architectural styles

3.      Demonstrate knowledge in the identification and application of materials used for creating structures

4.      Practice sketching techniques required for presenting draft structures

5.      Identify potential sites suitable for construction projects

6.      Utilize computer software programs applicable to architectural design such as CAD and SketchUp Pro

7.      Gain insight into legal considerations concerning zoning requirements, public safety codes, and environmental regulations among others related to building projects

8.      Develop an appreciation of aesthetics associated with architecture while considering factors such as monuments or cultural landmarks when designing buildings

9.      Compose reports containing accurate information regarding multiple aspects related to Buildings Codes & Regulations or Structural Analysis

10.   Possess both technical proficiency & creative skills necessary for the successful realization of architectural designs

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