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Engineering Design Course Syllabus

Course Description:

This online Engineering course is designed to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of the practical application of engineering concepts in everyday work. Participants will learn how to analyze, design and implement processes that are used by professionals in the field. By mastering problem-solving skills and computer-aided design tools, participants will be able to develop innovative solutions for real-life applications.

Course Objectives:

1. Develop a strong understanding of basic engineering principles like vectors, forces, and stress calculations

2. Analyze different types of systems using mathematical modeling techniques like linear equations or matrix algebra

3. Understand engineering materials used in daily operations

4. Demonstrate proficiency in Computer Aided Design (CAD) software such as AutoCAD or Solidworks

5. Construct virtual models that can be tested through simulations based on user input variables

6. Generate data analysis reports on experimental results from multiple sources

7. Interpret graphical representation tools such as bar charts or histograms when analyzing data sets

8. Create detailed product plans utilizing parts lists and specifications sheets

9. Examine safety standards related to designing structures and machines

10. Use 3D printing technologies to build solid prototypes from a digital model

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