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Early Learning 2-3 years old

Course Description:

Early Learning 2-3 years old is an interactive course that introduces child development and the various aspects of basic numeracy, literacy, physical education, and social skills. This course provides the opportunity for young children to build a strong foundation in these core topics so they can be successful later in life. This course teaches participants how to capture children’s interests while teaching them concepts through story time, artistic activities, and play.

Learning Objectives:

  • Teach basic counting, shapes, and colors
  • Expose children to letters and phonetics
  • Introduce Pre-reading techniques such as rhyming words
  • Understand seasons, days of the week, or months of the year
  • Promote creativity through songs, stories, or arts & crafts
  • Strengthen fine motor development with puzzles or games
  • Develop healthy habits like washing hands properly or eating nutritious food
  • Learn to take turns, share and follow directions
  • Understand basic safety rules such as wearing a helmet while biking or holding an adult’s hand in crowded places
  • Develop positive social relationships with peers and adults
  • This course is designed to ensure that children have the skills needed for future academic success and foster positive individual development. With engaging activities and fun learning opportunities
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