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Electrical Course Syllabus

Course Description:

This online course will give participants a comprehensive overview of construction Electrical principles and best practices, with a real-life application for everyday work in the field. Through lectures, videos, and hands-on learning activities, participants will gain an understanding of how to understand electrical drawings; how to determine appropriate wire sizes, conduit types, circuits, and more.

Course Objectives: 

1. Identify the different types of wires used in electrical installations in buildings

2. Explain how circuits are wired and laid out correctly according to code requirements

3. Describe safe practices when working with electricity on job sites

4. Create drawings that accurately represent an electrical system’s layout in order to ensure efficient operation of equipment and prevent shorts or overloads from occurring during operation

5. Paperwork required for use on job sites pertaining to regulations or operational procedures

6. Examine proper testing methods for all components within an electrical system

7. Analyze diagrams for problem-solving within existing systems

8. Understand troubleshooting techniques associated specifically with electrical issues

9. Compile necessary safety reports needed during repairs

10. Utilize schematic calculations when estimating labor costs required for the completion of projects

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