English for Public Relations Professionals


Course Title: English for Public Relations Professionals 

Course Description: This course covers PR jargon, press release writing, and media communication. It involves press release readings, media interaction role-plays, and crisis management simulations. Learners will be able to manage public relations effectively in English. 

Course Length: 20 hours (1 hour per module) 

Proficiency Level: Intermediate to Advanced English proficiency 

Prerequisites: Basic English proficiency and a basic understanding of public relations concepts


Course Navigation and Communication: 

  • Assignments: Students will submit assignments through the online platform. Feedback will be provided within three days of submission. 
  • Interaction: Students can interact with peers and instructors through the dedicated discussion forums. 
  • Assistance: For queries or assistance, students can contact instructors via email or schedule a one-on-one virtual meeting. 

Module Syllabus: 

Each module will cover specific topics in English for Public Relations Professionals, including PR terminologies, media relations language, crisis communication vocabulary, event management language, and professional interactions. Each module will consist of: 

  1. Learning objectives 
  2. Interactive video lectures 
  3. Reading materials and resources 
  4. Practical assignments 
  5. Assessments 

Course Objectives: 

By the end of the course, learners will be able to: 

  1. Understand and use common PR terminologies accurately. 
  2. Communicate effectively about media relations, crisis communication, and event management. 
  3. Write precise and comprehensive PR-specific reports and emails. 
  4. Deliver clear and structured oral presentations on PR topics. 
  5. Participate in professional discussions and meetings in a PR setting. 
  6. Understand and interpret PR literature and research. 
  7. Use English effectively for teleconferencing and online consultations in a PR context. 
  8. Continually improve their PR-specific English skills through self-study and professional development. 
  9. Develop an understanding of PR operations in English-speaking countries. 
  10. Communicate effectively with journalists, clients, and stakeholders about PR issues. 

This course aims to provide learners with the necessary language skills to excel in a PR setting where English is used for professional communication. 

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