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Course Description:

This online course provides an overview of the dynamics, principles, and practices of teamwork. It covers the fundamentals of collaboration, including how to identify team roles, foster cooperation, delegate responsibilities and achieve peak performance in any project or task. You will learn about communication strategies, problem-solving techniques, and conflict-resolution methods. You will also gain an understanding of how to build trust among teammates by displaying empathy and respect.

Through interactive lectures, readings, discussions, videos, and assignments you will develop your teamwork skills while learning how to bring a cohesive unit together with a shared vision toward a common goal. This course is ideal for individuals who want to learn the essentials of successful teamwork so they can work collaboratively with their peers to reach maximum productivity.

Course Objectives:

  • Understand different team roles & responsibilities within projects
  • Develop effective communication strategies between group members
  • Foster cooperation & collaboration within teams
  • Demonstrate an understanding of diverse perspectives & utilize them for decision-making
  • Use problem-solving techniques such as brainstorming & root cause analysis
  • Utilize appropriate delegation methods when forming workgroups
  • Resolve conflicts while considering the interests of all stakeholders involved
  • Exercise leadership skills including motivation & creativity
  • Recognize the impact of setting milestones & estimating deadlines
  • Develop interpersonal relationships through trust-building activities
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