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Course Description: In this online course participants will gain perspectives on financial management and governance of non-profit organizations.

Learning Objective: Students will be able to:


  • gain an understanding of the unique nature of the nonprofit fiscal management.
  • develop an understanding of financial management techniques for enhancing the effectiveness of nonprofit organizations;
  • understand board governance and the its role in financial management;
  • prepare essential financial statements
  • develop analytic, critical, and expressive abilities;
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Benefits: Participants will gain the confidence to prepare effective budgets and financial statements which will provide data to make important financial decisions for the continue success and growth of the organization.



  • The role of accounting in non-profit organizations
  • Financial source documents
  • Accounting Systems
  • Budget Design and analysis


Format: The e-learning course takes place online and through experiential activities. You will complete the required interactive activities. Optional activities are listed for additional learning opportunities.

Recommended Reading

Nonprofit Accounting & Financial Statements: Overview for Board, Management, and Staff; by Thomas R. Ittelson.