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Lodging and Resort Syllabus

Course Description:

This online course will provide an overview of theĀ lodging and resort industry. It will cover topics such as types of resorts, how a resort is formed, how to choose a location for your resort, and other factors that are important in running successful operations. Students will be expected to understand the different components necessary for a well-operated hotel or resort including marketing, customer service, finance, and accounting principles among others. Upon completion of this course, students should have an understanding of how many properties work together in order to create a top-quality experience for their guests.

Course Objectives:

1) Understand the different components needed to form a well-operated lodge or resort.

2) Analyze effective strategies used by lodgings and resorts in areas such as pricing structures & guest experiences

3) Identify common problems faced by those managing lodgings/resorts while also understanding solutions they can utilize

4) Acquire knowledge of regulations governing the hospitality industry

5) Utilize analytical tools & frameworks when considering various decisions made within the context of running businesses successfully

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