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Masonry Syllabus

Course Description:

This course provides an introduction to the basics of masonry. Participants will gain a solid foundation in masonry and learn through real-life applications and examples from everyday work. Through hands-on activities, participants will acquire knowledge on laying brick and block designs, as well as the proper selection of tools for the job. By the end of this course, participants should have developed the necessary skills to apply their newfound knowledge to design unique structures with aesthetically pleasing outcomes.

Course Objectives:

1.      Basic masonry principles

2.      How to lay brick and block arrangements

3.      Utilizing proper tool selection for successful projects

4.      Using safety protocols when constructing your project

5.      Applying creativity when designing structures

6.      Identifying suitable materials needed for construction processes

7.      Gaining confidence in working with different materials

8.      Developing basic problem-solving skills related to patterns used during the construction process

9.      Improving team communication strategies when completing tasks together

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