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Course Description: This online course will give participants the tools and understanding to build a fundraising strategy to achieve long-term sustainable for their organization, by linking organizational objectives fundraising targets, activities, and methods. Participants will develop an action plan to put their fundraising strategies into practice.

Learning Objectives:

Students in the Fundraising course will:


  • Identify the purpose and key elements of fundraising strategies and how they fit with other organizational objective, strategies, and plans.
  • Learn to use strategic planning tools to construct a fundraising strategy, taking into account both organizational factors and the external environment.
  • Appraise fundraising options and opportunities to determine which methodologies will be a best fit for the organization; both short-term and long-term.
  • Recognize the pros and cons of the available fundraising options.
  • Understand the importance of preparing an annual fundraising plan for each fundraising area, goal, activity, timescale, performance indicator, and resource requirements.


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