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Course Description: This online course is designed to explore crucial concepts and skills for organizational management. This course will help strengthen Human Resources Best Practices and improve organizational culture and behavior providing a change in environment needed to create an effective, high-performing organization.

Learning Objectives: Students will learn develop and use strategic Vision, Values, and Mission statements.

Identify steps in the formulation and implementation of strategy in the nonprofit organizations

recognize common HR issues in non-profit organizations and how to effectively mitigate them

discover elements of Organizational Behavior and Culture and how to change and improve them

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  • Strategic Management for Nonprofits
  • Human Resources Management
  • Organizational Behavior



The e-learning course takes place online and through experiential activities. You will complete the required interactive activities. Optional activities are listed for additional learning opportunities.

Recommended Reading

Organizational Behavior by OpenStax (paperback version, B&W); by OpenStax.