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Course Description:

This course will focus on developing an understanding of effective telephone skills. Participants will learn how to use various techniques in order to communicate effectively over the phone. Topics covered include tone of voice, active listening, dealing with difficult conversations, being assertive, and handling customer inquiries. Participants will gain an understanding of how to use these concepts to communicate more effectively over the telephone.

Course Objectives:

  • Identify essential components for having successful conversations over the phone
  • Utilize techniques for maintaining a pleasant tone of voice
  • Develop strategies for active listening
  • Understand tactics for dealing with difficult conversations
  • Leverage assertiveness when appropriate during calls
  • Analyze methods for handling customer inquiries
  • Identify best practices for taking messages accurately
  • Use language that accurately conveys the desired message
  • Demonstrate an understanding of principles related to telephone skills through written assignments and class discussions
  • Implement measures for continual improvement in telephone communication skills
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