We are thrilled to announce that Angeles Chavez and Dr. Chavez of AC Language School recently had the honor of joining the Romanian community in Washington D.C. to celebrate a significant milestone: 20 years of Romania’s membership in NATO. This momentous occasion, marked by a grand event, showcased the enduring partnership and shared commitments that have strengthened over two decades.

The gathering was nothing short of exquisite, reflecting the deep cultural ties and mutual respect between Romania and its allies. The Chavezes, representing AC Language School, were privileged to participate in such a well-organized and meaningful event. Their presence underscores our school’s dedication to fostering international relationships and supporting educational initiatives across global platforms.

This celebration not only commemorated Romania’s 20 years in NATO but also highlighted the collaborative spirit that is vital for future advancements and peace. We at AC Language School are proud to contribute to such international gatherings that resonate with our values of education, unity, and global outreach. We look forward to continuing our support for the Romanian community and furthering our involvement in global educational and cultural exchanges.