ADVANCED STEM and Robotics Theory, Practices and Innovation


Course Title: Advanced STEM and Robotics: Theory, Practice, and Innovation 

Course Level: 15-17 years old 

Length of Course: 20 hrs. 

Course Description: Completing an intermediate STEM and Robotics course or equivalent math, physics, and programming knowledge. 

The course adheres to industry-wide standards and best practices, ensuring learners are well-prepared for further studies or career pathways in STEM and Robotics. The practical, hands-on approach combined with advanced theoretical knowledge allows learners to understand the comprehensive nature of robotics and its real-world applications. The course objectives, assignments, and assessments are designed to be challenging, measurable, and achievable, cultivating critical thinkers and innovators in STEM and Robotics.  

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Module 1: Deeper into STEM and Robotics 

Learning Objectives: 

– Understand the advanced principles and concepts in STEM and Robotics. 

– Appreciate the significance of robotics in industry and society. 


– Online quiz on module content. 

– Forum discussion on “The Future of Robotics.” 

-Build a Robot 


Module 2: Advanced Mechanics in Robotics 

Learning Objectives: 

– Master the principles of kinematics and dynamics in robotics. 

– Solve complex problems related to robot motion and operation. 


– Online quiz and problem-solving assignment on advanced robotics mechanics. 

-Build a Robot 


Module 3: Advanced Programming for Robotics 

Learning Objectives: 

– Learn about advanced programming paradigms and languages in robotics. 

– Write complex codes for advanced robot operations. 



– Online quiz and a coding assignment involving robot navigation and control. 

-Build a Robot 


Module 4: Sensing, Actuation, and Control Systems in Robotics 

Learning Objectives: 

– Understand advanced sensors, actuators, and control systems in robots. 

– Design and apply these systems in complex robot models. 


– Online quiz and a project involving the design of a robot with complex sensing and actuation requirements. 

-Build a Robot 


Course Objectives 

By the end of this course, learners should be able to: 

  1. Explain advanced principles and concepts in STEM and Robotics.
  2. Solve complex problems using principles of robotics mechanics.
  3. Code complex operations using advanced robotics programming languages.
  4. Design and apply advanced sensors, actuators, and control systems in robots.
  5. Develop and present a complex robotics project.
  6. Collaborate effectively with peers on robotics projects.
  7. Demonstrate an understanding of robotics’s ethical, social, and environmental impacts.
  8. Evaluate and critique existing robotic systems and suggest improvements.
  9. Keep up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies in robotics and build a robot.
  10. Pursue further academic study or career pathways in STEM and Robotics.

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