STEM and Robotics for Kids: Exploring and Building


Course Title: STEM and Robotics for Kids: Exploring and Building

Course Level: 7-10 years old 

Length of Course: 20 hrs. 

Prerequisite Requirements: None 

Course Description: This course uses a hands-on, interactive approach to keep young learners engaged and excited about STEM and Robotics. Each module is designed to be fun, informative, and practical, with real-world applications and activities that allow kids to apply what they’ve learned. The course meets industry-wide standards and best practices for STEM and Robotics education, providing a strong foundation for kids interested in these areas. The platform’s interface has vibrant colors and easy-to-understand symbols, making navigation fun and easy. Learners can submit assignments, complete quizzes, and track their progress directly within the platform. An online forum, moderated by instructors, allows learners to interact with each other and discuss course content. Hands-on activities, cutting-edge technology.  

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Module 1: Fun with STEM and Robotics 

Learning Objectives: 

– Understand what STEM and Robotics are. 

– Know how robots are used in our daily lives. 


– Online quiz based on module content. 

– Forum discussion on “My Favorite Robot.” 


Module 2: Let’s Build a Robot! 

Learning Objectives: 

– Learn about different parts of a robot. 

– Understand how these parts work together. 


– Online quiz and a fun task to design a dream robot. 

– Build a robot 


Module 3: Making Robots Move 

Learning Objectives: 

– Understand basic concepts of robot motion. 

– Get introduced to simple programming. 



– Online quiz and a basic task to give instructions for a robot movement. 

– Build a robot 


Module 4: Sensors: Robots Can Feel Too! 

Learning Objectives: 

– Understand what sensors are and how robots use them. 

– Learn how different sensors help robots interact with the environment. 


– Online quiz and a creative task to design a robot with different sensors. 

– Build a robot 


Course Objectives 

By the end of this course, learners should be able to: 

  1. Define and explain the basic concepts in STEM and Robotics.
  2. Identify the different parts of a robot and understand their functions.
  3. Describe how robots move and interact with their environment.
  4. Develop a basic sequence of instructions to guide a robot’s movement.
  5. Understand how sensors enable robots to perceive their environment.
  6. Design a simple robot using the knowledge acquired in the course.
  7. Participate in group discussions and activities, fostering teamwork and communication.
  8. Present a robot design project to classmates and instructors.
  9. Demonstrate curiosity and interest in further exploring STEM and Robotics.
  10. Appreciate the role and benefits of robotics in everyday life.


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