STEM and Robotics Explorations: Real-world Applications for Teens


Course Title: STEM and Robotics Explorations: Real-world Applications for Teens 

Course Level: 12-14 Years Old 

Length of Course: 20 Hrs. 

Prerequisite Requirements: Basic understanding of math and science principles. 

Course Description: The course is designed to align with industry-wide standards and best practices for STEM and robotics education. The practical, hands-on approach allows learners to apply their knowledge and skills, preparing them for further study or careers in these fields. The course’s objectives, assignments, and assessments are measurable and achievable, fostering a solid foundation in STEM and Robotics. The AC Language School online course is hosted on a user-friendly learning management system with a clear interface and navigation. The course content, assignments, quizzes, and progress tracker are accessible from the dashboard. The AC Language School online course also provides a dedicated discussion forum for interacting with fellow learners and exchanging ideas.  

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Module Breakdown 

Module 1: Discovering STEM and Robotics 

Learning Objectives: 

– Understand the significance and applications of STEM and Robotics. 

– Learn about different types of robots and their real-world applications. 


– Online quiz on module content. 

– Participate in a discussion forum on “Robotics in Everyday Life.” 


Module 2: The Science Behind Robotics 

Learning Objectives: 

– Understand the scientific and mathematical principles behind robot movement and operation. 

– Learn about the role of physics in robotics. 


– Online quiz and a simple assignment on calculating robot movements. 

– Build a robot 


Module 3: Making Robots Smart – Programming Basics 

Learning Objectives: 

– Learn about programming languages used in robotics. 

– Write simple programming codes for basic robot operations. 



– Online quiz and a basic coding assignment. 

– Build a robot 


Module 4: Sensing the World – Robot Sensors and Actuators 

Learning Objectives: 

– Understand the role and functions of sensors and actuators in robots. 

– Learn how to select and apply sensors and actuators based on robot function. 


– Online quiz and a simulation task of selecting and applying sensors and actuators. 

– Build a robot 


Course Objectives 

By the end of this course, learners should be able to: 

  1. Describe the key concepts and applications of STEM and Robotics.
  2. Apply scientific and mathematical principles to explain and predict robot behavior.
  3. Write simple codes using a programming language used in robotics.
  4. Identify and explain the role of sensors and actuators in robots.
  5. Choose appropriate sensors and actuators based on a given robot function.
  6. Demonstrate collaboration and effective communication in group projects.
  7. Design and present a basic robotic model that performs a specific task.
  8. Discuss the ethical considerations associated with robotics applications.
  9. Explore career paths and future trends in the field of robotics.
  10. Develop an interest in, and appreciation for, STEM and Robotics, fostering lifelong learning.

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