Certificate in Training and Development


Description: This course is designed to offer a cohesive continuing education opportunity for people already in, or looking to get into, training roles in business and industry. This course is designed for the person who has recently advanced into a training position and is without the academic preparation needed or for those choosing to increase their knowledge and skills in training for current or future jobs.    

Benefit of Certification: Certified Training and Development students will be able to better market themselves as a corporate trainer and/or use these skills to help get a promotion with the corporate training structure.   

Learning Objectives: Students will learn  

  • instructional design models including needs assessment, systematic training design and development techniques and proactive strategies for evaluating training programs  
  • adult learning strategies and how to implement them in a training session  
  • methods and techniques common to exemplary training and development programs in business and industrial settings.   
  • principles, theories, and current research on cognitive, affective, and psychomotor learning to improve and sustain job performance.  
  • development of comprehensive needs assessment plans for diagnosing and documenting human performance deficiencies and improvement opportunities.  
  • strategies, and procedures for evaluating effectiveness of training programs.  



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Assessment: Participant will design, implement, and evaluate one corporate training session.