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Description: Everyone wants to be paid for presenting their ideas. To make a public presentation the speaker must first secure the event. This course teaches the logistics behind the presentation. 

Key topics discussed included marketing, scheduling, and how to adopt a presentation to different demographics and time frames. 

Prerequisite: None 

Learning Objectives: Students will learn 

  • where and how to market their presentation 
  • how to schedule multiple presentation 
  • how to schedule a balance of time between presenting, marketing, and office management 
  • how to adapt a presentation for time constraints 
  • how to adapt a presentation for different types of groups 
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  • Student will develop an overall plan to make 5 or more presentations within one month, including marketing, scheduling, office management, and any alterations in presentation. Submit within the first 6 weeks of starting this course. 
  • Student will write a 7 – 10 page Essay on the success and problems related to the actual implementation of Designing and Marketing several Public Presentations within one month. Submit within 3 months of starting this course. 

Recommended Text: 

 Presentation Strategies and Dialogue. 2012. Christina M. Scalise