ESL Beginning Level for Military Personnel


Main Objective: Equip military personnel with basic English language skills necessary for routine communication within a military context. 

Course Description: This course introduces the fundamental elements of English with a focus on vocabulary, phrases, and structures commonly used in military settings. 


  1. Introduction to English Phonetics: Basics of pronunciation, stress, and intonation especially for military terminology. 
  2. Essential Military Vocabulary: Common nouns, verbs, and adjectives used in daily military operations. 
  3. Basic Grammar Structures: Present simple and continuous tenses; forming questions and negatives; basic command forms. 
  4. Listening Skills: Understanding simple spoken instructions and requests in military contexts. 
  5. Speaking Practice: Engaging in basic conversations about daily routines, describing military objects, and reporting simple facts. 
  6. Reading Basic Texts: Identifying main ideas in short, simple military communications such as emails and memos. 
  7. Writing Skills: Completing forms, writing simple sentences, and crafting basic paragraphs about daily tasks. 
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