ESL Intermediate Level for Military Personnel


Main Objective: Develop a deeper understanding of English to enable more effective communication in structured and unstructured military situations. 

Course Description: This course builds on basic skills to include more complex grammar, expanded vocabulary, and the development of reading and writing skills necessary for effective communication in diverse military scenarios. 


  1. Complex Grammar Structures: Past and future tenses, modal verbs for obligation and probability, and passive voice in military reporting. 
  2. Expanded Military Vocabulary: Introduction to more specialized terms related to equipment, operations, and logistics. 
  3. Enhanced Listening Skills: Comprehending more detailed spoken communications during briefings and instructions. 
  4. Advanced Speaking Skills: Participating in discussions on military topics, expressing opinions, and giving detailed instructions. 
  5. Reading Comprehension: Understanding detailed texts such as operation manuals, SOPs, and reports. 
  6. Writing Skills: Writing detailed reports, correspondence, and operational descriptions using appropriate format and style. 
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