Healthy Lifestyle and Wellness Practices


Main Objective: Promote holistic well-being by providing military personnel with knowledge and skills in healthy lifestyle habits, incorporating military-specific language for sustainable health and vitality. 

Course Description: This course explores topics related to nutrition, physical activity, and self-care, employing military-specific language to ensure relevancy and applicability in military settings. 


  1. Nutritional Basics and Hydration in Military Terms 
  2. Exercise and Physical Activity Guidelines for Soldiers 
  3. Sleep Hygiene and Stress Reduction in Operational Contexts 
  4. Time Management for Health in the Military 
  5. Social Connections and Their Role in Soldier Wellness 
  6. Goal Setting for Wellness in Defense Language 
  7. Creating Personalized Wellness Plans in Military Settings 
  8. Implementing and Monitoring Health Practices in Units 
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