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Description: This course walks employment specialists step by step through customized job development revealing the best ways to build a satisfying, meaningful job around a person’s preferences, skills, and goals. To make each part of job development easier, the course provides practical content that can be ready to use with easy-to-follow, step-by-step guidelines; checklists of critical questions to answer; success stories in both urban and rural settings. 

Prerequisite: None 

Learning Objectives: Students will 

  • identify proven tips and ideas for every aspect of job development for youth and adults 
  • understand who the person is and what he or she really wants 
  • be able to ensure a good fit between employer and employee 
  • learn how to find, or create, “hidden jobs” in smaller companies 
  • be able to empower people through resource ownership  
  • learn to skillfully negotiate job duties while managing conflicts that might arise 
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