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Description: This course will discuss recent trends in membership figures, new legislation, and new politics as they influence bargaining rights. It will identify and explain the implications of the new collective bargaining environment, including financial and human resource management issues and outcomes. Practical tips and advice are offered for those engaged in collective bargaining and labor relations. 

Prerequisite: 2nd year student 

Learning Objectives: Students will  

  • have an overview of the field strongly aligned to the organizational and HR strategy and objectives. 
  • learn the skills needed to plan, implement and assess relations 
  • gain practical tools and assessments from best practice  
  • understand the labor market and the employment relationship to trade unions and international governing bodies 
  • examine and analyze the public sector labor relations and collective bargaining 
  • investigate important changes in the public labor relations and unionization landscape 
  • Analyze the financial and human resource outcomes of collective bargaining in the public sector 
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